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Alloy Flats Bike Pedals

Alloy Flats Bike Pedals

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Raleigh Alloy Flats Bike Pedals feature durable construction for long-lasting use
Full length axle design for extra durability
Ridged edges provide excellent traction
9/16 inches thread size

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Just what was needed

Have a teenager that breaks pedals like it's his job, and these have lasted. great price and sturdy

Lord Muchelney
Good Replacements for OM Pedals

Perfect all metal construction. Replaced the plastic ones that broke on my sons bike.

Fedor T
Good enough for my old road bike

Seems to be a good product so far. BTW review submission has stupid question: A or B: with answers Yes or No?

Quality product.

Needed to replace the pedals on my bicycle. Shoes grip them very well.

Archies daddy
Pedals needed adjustment to loosen the bearings a little bit

I like the size and appearance of these pedals, they feel solid. My only issue with them was that one of them would not spin freely on its spindle, so it had a bit of drag. I opened the spindle cap and loosened the nuts that hold the retaining washer against the ball bearings so the pedal would spin freely. It took a few tries to get the perfect setting- not too loose or tight- but after that adjustment they work beautifully. I checked the whole batch on display and it seemed like there was always one pedal too tight to spin freely. I hope most people who buy replacement pedals know that they can be adjusted like this, as it made a big difference for me after I adjusted that one tight pedal. Maybe the manufacturer could offer instructions on how to perform the adjustment (fine tuning). It can save you muscle power and make your ride much more efficient if your bicycle pedals are not causing additional drag on your peddling effort.