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Rubberized Bike Key Lock, 15-mm x 6-ft

Rubberized Bike Key Lock, 15-mm x 6-ft

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Raleigh Rubberized Bike Key Lock provides added security for your bike
Plastic mounting bracket firmly affixes lock to bike
Anti-dust cap for protection of cylinder
Dimensions: 15 mm x 6'
Includes lighted key with 2 additional standard keys

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
complete piece of garbage and total waste of money

This thing is a total waste of money and a complete inconvenience. So much so, I will never spend money on this brand ever again. If there was an option for zero stars, or even a negative score, I'd give that instead. I've had this bike lock seize up on me twice now, two different times I spent money on this thing, leaving me stranded, with my bike stuck to a bike rack somewhere. The first one felt like it was getting rusty inside or something, to the point where the key snapped while turning it to unlock, and the second just stopped releasing when the key was turned. Both only a couple months after purchase. The fact that your product breaks down so fast and consistently is a testament to the quality of the garbage you produce. Thank you so much for the total waste of time, waste of money, lack of security, and making me walk home multiple times because your product is a faulty piece of junk. I will go out of my way in the future to tell people to not spend money on anything by this unreliable name. No wonder you don't have any contact info on your website. I sincerely hope you go out of business.

Needs to keeps his new ride safe with a great lock

Bought for 9 year old grandson

Raleigh Rubberized Bike Lock Cable w/2 Keys Anti-Theft, Grey, 15-mm x 6-ft

It works as it should


Tres bon produit je recommand

Raleigh rubberized bike lock chain

Excellent quality and price was good I use it to lock up my propane tank