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8mm Bike Key Chain Lock

8mm Bike Key Chain Lock

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Raleigh Bike Chain Lock secures and protects your bicycle
Chain is covered in fabric to keep your frame from scratches and marring
Anti-dust cap for protection of cylinder
Dimension: 8mm x 8mm x 3'
Includes sturdy brass cylinder lock head with lighted key with 2 additional standard keys

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Worst lock Ive ever bought

Most money Ive ever spent on a lock - worst lock Ive ever bought. The lock itself didnt even last 6 months. I exchanged it for another of the same (with a great deal of trouble), and the second one was no better - on both, the lock suddenly falls apart inside and out, with the key stuck inside.

Seizes up easily

Honestly do not buy this lock. It worked well for a few months but if you plan on leaving your bike in the rain then the lock will fail. It seizes up and I dread having to use this lock. The key will get stuck inside the mechanism and now my lock is unusable.

Again, great for a few months, it will get wet, broken for good.

Lock sucks

Key got stuck in lock, broke trying to remove it. Very unhappy.

L Kirsch
Poor Quality

This is the worst bike lock I've ever had. The chain was decent, but the key constantly got stuck in the lock. It is definitely not the best quality lock. Do not recommend.

Fantastic lock

Great lock. Made from heavy duty, material and long enough to be able to lock your bike to the rock properly. Because of the quality of material it is a little heavier than average, but definitely worth it. Can be used for other things as well. Like locking up a motorcycle or ATV.