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Folding Lock

Folding Lock

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With the Raleigh Brass Bicycle Folding Lock, you can travel with confidence knowing that your bike is secure. The folding design greatly reduces the lock size without compromising security. It is a sturdy brass cylinder lock head and is designed with an anti-dust cap purposed for cylinder protection.
  • Raleigh Brass Bicycle Folding Lock is a sturdy brass cylinder lock head.
  • Anti-dust cap for protection of cylinder.
  • The folding design greatly reduce the lock size and offer flexibility in a compact design without compromising security.
  • Includes one LED lighted key and two additional standard keys.
  • Includes versatile mounting bracket that can be attached to threaded frame holes or elsewhere on the frame using the velcro straps.
  • The lock unfolds to a total lengthof 85 cm (33.4").
  • 5 mm thick durable steel folding bars.

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