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March 12, 2014

Ride For a Living as a Pedicab Driver 

Mix half part Taxi driver and half part bike messenger and the result is one interesting job on a bike. Take a spin with a Pedicab driver from Austin TX and see for yourself.

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September 20, 2013


Raleigh Sojourn touring bike with a rear bike rack

As summer turns to fall and the leaves change colors, bike camping seems like the perfect weekend getaway before the trails are covered in snow. When bike camping, you can cover many more miles than you would on foot, enabling you to explore your state for a couple days, or somewhere entirely new for weeks. Start and go for miles with your pack strapped to your bike, or have a base camp. Either way, here are five tips for an easy bike trip.

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September 04, 2013


The Raleigh Tamland 2 (photo:

This past DealerCamp set the stage for the unveiling of Raleigh’s 2014 line. DealerCamp, a bike industry event that takes place at Deer Valley Resort, is an exciting time. Dealers, consumers and media all come to get a glimpse into what 2014 will bring to the cycling world. There are extravagant displays, epic amounts of schwag and catalogues galore, but they only magnify the excitement that these shiny new toys bring. Ears perked up and eyes widened as Raleigh wheeled its shiny new 2014 line on stage. In addition to new colors and updates to its sleek line of road, mountain, cyclocross and hybrid bikes, its two new categories, gravel and 27.5 mountain bikes, are what stood out the most.

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