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January 13, 2014

Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder Draws Memorable Raleigh Performances, Huge Crowds 

It was a banner weekend for the Raleigh racers who headed to Boulder, Colorado for USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships. Raleigh covered all the bases and provided the best entertainment of the day during the main event: the Elite Men’s Championship Sunday afternoon. 

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January 10, 2014

SSCXWC: 1 rule, 1 gear 

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships

If you thought SSCXWC was a serious race, you’re in for a big surprise. We looked behind the scenes at singlespeed worlds in Philadelphia last month… and ended up covered in beer.

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January 10, 2014

The Next Gen: Pass on a Passion for Cycling 

Wonder what motivated over 4,000 kids to ride 57,627 miles (the equivalent of the earth’s circumference, 2 ¼ times!) in 15 days? It’s pretty impressive. Learn more and get tips to inspire the kids in your life to find a cycling passion.


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January 10, 2014

An off-season for roadies? Get real 

The offseason used to be a time to hit the gym or get some skiing in. Now, the cycling calendar has expanded so your love for two-wheeled adventure doesn’t have to end when road or MTB season does. Raleigh racers explain why.

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January 07, 2014

Cyclocross Nationals 2014: a Raleigh Team Preview  

(c) Dejan Smaic

The Raleigh-Clement Cyclocross Team, as well as the American Classic Pro Cyclocross Team, have plenty of success to build on in 2014. With Nationals around the corner and two of their best international riders—Caroline Mani from France and Ben Berden from Belgium—ineligible for the competition, how will the team stack up at the USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder, Colorado on January 13th?

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